Commitment and sustainable development: the key words at A-line Clothing. We are committed to help shift the textile industry and become a 100% sustainable clothing brand by operating a modern and responsible business not only through our practices and daily tasks, but also through our fabrics and fit.


A-line is a women’s clothing brand challenging conventions to create the perfect fit for the 21st century woman. Simplicity meets sophistication – the synergy results in unlikely shapes that compliment the female body.

The brand’s designs are a reflection of what the A-Line woman stands for – elegance, maturity and confidence. Designing the perfect shirt and sharing it with women everywhere was Alexandra Carneiro’s drive. Thorough and passionate about detail, the creative director at A-Line has synced her sense of taste and her 20 years’ experience in the textile industry to reinvent the essentials in a woman’s wardrobe.

Inspiration was sparked by women for whom comfort and distinctiveness come first, anytime and anywhere. A- Line curates natural and delicate materials such as cotton and silk to design easy care, functional, high quality shirts. Available in neutral shades and pastel colours, the design’s wow factor is its fit, softness and attention to detail.


Her mother being a dressmaker, Alexandra Carneiro grew up around thread, sewing patterns and fabrics. This also meant that high quality standards and attention to detail were the norm for her. And when playing as a child, she would already turn the hems for flawless, perfect seams on the dresses, shirts and skirts in which she dressed her dolls.

In those days, garments were tailored and intended to endure time. Her personality would translate into the unique pieces she wore, standing out for her impeccable taste and sophistication. All of these characteristics have led her path and her career into the creative areas.

When she was only 18 she began working at a textile company, her first learning experience in the industry. It didn’t take long before she set up her first business, and, little by little, she built a loyal client portfolio across Europe. In 2015, a lifelong dream came true – she set up her own atelier, where she still develops garments for international private labels.

Benefiting from a career of over 20 years in the textile industry, she has come to realize something. There is a segment of women unsuccessfully seeking for elegant, comfortable pieces that are adaptable and suitable for any time of the day. And who end up settling for options that are not really what they had in mind in the first place.


Because A-line is structured of women who dress other women, we have a real insight into the mosaic of roles we take on daily. And we know, that it is not our body size that makes a woman’s measurement. But rather our mindset and aspirations, that get us going all day, every day.


All our decisions are focused on the longevity of our pieces, using long lasting fabrics and accessories, ensuring that the product cycle is expanded. With this effort, we help re-shape how the consumer connects with fashion.

Each decision we make is a symbol of our commitment to defining what the future of fashion looks like. From never using leather or fur and pioneering new alternative materials to utilising cutting edge technologies, pushing towards circularity, protecting ancient and endangered forests and measuring our impact with ground-breaking tools.

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